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Interacting with GitHub

Probot uses GitHub Apps. An app is a first-class actor on GitHub, like a user (e.g. @defunkt) or an organization (e.g. @github). The app is given access to a repository or repositories by being "installed" on a user or organization account and can perform actions through the API like commenting on an issue or creating a status.

Your app has access to an authenticated GitHub client that can be used to make API calls. It supports both the GitHub REST API, and the GitHub GraphQL API.


context.github is an instance of the @octokit/rest Node.js module, which wraps the GitHub REST API and allows you to do almost anything programmatically that you can do through a web browser.

Here is an example of an autoresponder app that comments on opened issues:

module.exports = app => {
  app.on('issues.opened', async context => {
    // `context` extracts information from the event, which can be passed to
    // GitHub API calls. This will return:
    //   { owner: 'yourname', repo: 'yourrepo', number: 123, body: 'Hello World! }
    const params = context.issue({ body: 'Hello World!' })

    // Post a comment on the issue
    return context.github.issues.createComment(params)

See the full API docs to see all the ways you can interact with GitHub. Some API endpoints are not available on GitHub Apps yet, so check which ones are available first.


Heads Up! GraphQL support in Probot is currently a preview feature and this interface could change in a future releases without notice. Let us know if you have any feedback or ideas to improve GraphQL support.

Use context.github.query to make requests to the GitHub GraphQL API.

Here is an example of the same autoresponder app from above that comments on opened issues, but this time with GraphQL:

// GraphQL query to add a comment
const addComment = `
  mutation comment($id: ID!, $body: String!) {
    addComment(input: {subjectId: $id, body: $body}) {

module.exports = app => {
  app.on('issues.opened', async context => {
    // Post a comment on the issue
    context.github.query(addComment, {
      id: context.payload.issue.node_id,
      body: 'Hello World'

Check out the GitHub GraphQL API docs to learn more.

Unauthenticated Events

When receiving webhook events, context.github is usually an authenticated client, but there are a few events that are exceptions:

For these events, context.github will be authenticated as the GitHub App instead of as a specific installation.

GitHub Enterprise

If you want to run a Probot App against a GitHub Enterprise instance, you'll need to create and set the GHE_HOST environment variable inside of the .env file.

GitHub Apps are enabled in GitHub Enterprise 2.12 as an early access technical preview but are generally available in GitHub Enterprise 2.13 and above.

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