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Weekly Digest

Weekly automated summary of activity on your GitHub repository
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August 16, 2018

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App built using Probot which generates a weekly automated summary of activity on your GitHub repository

App in Action

A Weekly Digest generated by app.


When the Weekly Digest App gets installed in a repository of a user or organization, it curates together the following data and publishes it as an issue:

  • Issues created in the last one week
    • Open Issues
    • Closed Issues
    • Noisy Issue
    • Liked Issue
  • Pull requests opened, updated, or merged in the last pull request
    • Opened Pull Requests
    • Updated Pull Requests
    • Merged Pull Requests
  • Commits made in the master branch, in the last week
  • Contributors, adding contributions in the last week
  • Stargazers, or the fans of your repositories, who really loved your repo
  • Releases, of the project you are working on

The app, as the name suggests, generates these digests and publishes it on weekly basis, typically on a Sunday.

One can change the default configuration of the app by adding a .github/weekly-digest.yml file in their GitHub repository, which allows them to configure the publish day and the specific information included in the digest.

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