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Replies to newly opened pull requests that do not update a file in the `/docs` folder or the `README`
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October 17, 2018

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Update Docs comments on newly opened Pull Requests that do not update either the README or a file in the /docs folder.

Create a .github/config.yml file that contains the contents you would like to reply within an updateDocsComment. Optionally, you can also add an updateDocsWhiteList that includes terms, that if found in the title, the bot will not comment on.

# Configuration for update-docs - https://github.com/behaviorbot/update-docs

# Comment to be posted to on PRs that don't update documentation
updateDocsComment: >
  Thanks for opening this pull request! The maintainers of this repository would appreciate it if you would update some of our documentation based on your changes.

# Terms that if found in the title of a PR will prevent the bot from commenting on it
  - bug
  - chore

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