Creates new issues from actionable comments in your code.
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June 11, 2021

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If I pushed this:

 * @todo Take over the world
 * @body Humans are weak; Robots are strong. We must cleanse the world of the virus that is humanity.
function ruleOverPunyHumans () {
  // We must strategize beep boop

todo would create a new issue:


Configuring for your project

There are a couple of configuration options in case you need to change the default behaviour. Note that the defaults are likely fine for most projects, so you might not need to change them.

Add a todo object in your .github/config.yml file like this:

  keyword: "@makeAnIssue"

Available options

Name Type Description Default
autoAssign string, string[] or boolean Should todo automatically assign a user to the new issue? If true, it'll assign whoever pushed the code. If a string, it'll assign that user by username. You can also give it an array of usernames or false to not assign anyone. true
keyword string The keyword to use to generate issue titles @todo
blobLines number or false The number of lines of code to show, starting from the keyword. 5
caseSensitive boolean Should the keyword be case sensitive? false

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