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June 12, 2024

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This GitHub App syncs repository settings defined in .github/settings.yml to GitHub, enabling Pull Requests for repository settings.


  1. Install the app.
  2. Create a .github/settings.yml file in your repository. Changes to this file on the default branch will be synced to GitHub.

All settings are optional.

  # See for all available settings.

  # The name of the repository. Changing this will rename the repository
  name: repo-name

  # A short description of the repository that will show up on GitHub
  description: description of repo

  # A URL with more information about the repository

  # Either `true` to make the repository private, or `false` to make it public.
  private: false

  # Either `true` to enable issues for this repository, `false` to disable them.
  has_issues: true

  # Either `true` to enable the wiki for this repository, `false` to disable it.
  has_wiki: true

  # Either `true` to enable downloads for this repository, `false` to disable them.
  has_downloads: true

  # Updates the default branch for this repository.
  default_branch: master

  # Either `true` to allow squash-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent
  # squash-merging.
  allow_squash_merge: true

  # Either `true` to allow merging pull requests with a merge commit, or `false`
  # to prevent merging pull requests with merge commits.
  allow_merge_commit: true

  # Either `true` to allow rebase-merging pull requests, or `false` to prevent
  # rebase-merging.
  allow_rebase_merge: true

# Labels: define labels for Issues and Pull Requests
  - name: bug
    color: CC0000
  - name: feature
    color: 336699
  - name: first-timers-only
    # include the old name to rename and existing label
    oldname: Help Wanted

# Collaborators: give specific users access to this repository.
  - username: bkeepers
    # Note: Only valid on organization-owned repositories.
    # The permission to grant the collaborator. Can be one of:
    # * `pull` - can pull, but not push to or administer this repository.
    # * `push` - can pull and push, but not administer this repository.
    # * `admin` - can pull, push and administer this repository.
    permission: push

  - username: hubot
    permission: pull

  - username:
    permission: pull

WARNING: Note that this app inherently escalates anyone with push permissions to the admin role, since they can push config settings to the master branch, which will be synced. In the future, we may add restrictions to allow changes to the config file to be merged only by specific people/teams, or those with admin access (via a combination of protected branches, required statuses, and branch restrictions). Until then, use caution when merging PRs and adding collaborators.

This app is open source. Check out probot/settings to suggest improvements or run your own instance.

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