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Move Issues

Moves issues between repositories.
Screenshot of Move Issues app
Screenshot of Move Issues app






June 29, 2018

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A GitHub App that moves issues between repositories.


  1. Install the GitHub App for all source and target repositories
  2. Create .github/move.yml in the source repository based on the template below
  3. Move an issue by creating a comment with this command: /move to <repo>

Users must have write access to the source and target repositories in order to move issues.


Create .github/move.yml in the default branch of the source repository to enable the app. The file can be empty, or it can override any of these default settings:

# Configuration for move-issues -

# Delete the command comment when it contains no other content
deleteCommand: true

# Close the source issue after moving
closeSourceIssue: true

# Lock the source issue after moving
lockSourceIssue: false

# Mention issue and comment authors
mentionAuthors: true

# Preserve mentions in the issue content
keepContentMentions: false

# Set custom aliases for targets
# aliases:
#   r: repo
#   or: owner/repo

Command Syntax

/move [to ][<owner>/]<repo>
/move to repo
/move to owner/repo
/move repo
/move owner/repo

Supporting the Project

Move Issues is an MIT-licensed open source project. Its ongoing development is made possible thanks to the support of awesome backers. If you'd like to join them, please consider contributing with Patreon.

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