Minimum reviews

Enforce a minimum number of reviews on Pull Requests
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July 6, 2018

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Probot: Minimum Reviews



  1. Configure the GitHub App
  2. Create .github/minimum-reviews.yml based on the following template.
  3. It will wait for pull requests to be reviewed before marking them as ready to be merged.

A .github/minimum-reviews.yml file is required to enable the plugin.

# Number of reviews required to mark the pull request as valid
reviewsUntilReady: 2

# Number of changes in the pull request to start enforcing the reviewsUntilReady rule
changesThreshold: 100

# Message to display when the commit status passes
readyMessage: 'No pending reviews'

# Message to display when the commit status fails
notReadyMessage: 'Pending review approvals'

# Status to set the commit to when waiting for reviews
# 'failure, error, and pending' are the suggested options
notReadyState: 'pending'

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