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Enforce GPG signatures on pull requests
Screenshot of GPG app
Screenshot of GPG app






January 17, 2018

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Configure this app on your organizations and repositories. Be sure to enable required status checks if you want to enforce GPG signatures on all pull requests.

How it works

Git supports signing commits with GPG keys to verify commit authorship beyond the easy-to-forge author field.

GitHub supports verifying GPG signatures on commits and has an excellent series of help articles for creating a GPG key, using it with git locally, and linking it to a GitHub account.

After installation, this app checks all commits of new (or newly updated) pull requests for valid GPG signatures according to the GitHub API. Note that for the status check to be success, every contributor of a pull request must:

  • set up a GPG key on their local machine
  • sign all of their commits in the pull request with that key
  • link that key with their GitHub account

GPG status check success screenshot

Otherwise, the app will set the status to failure.

GPG status check failed screenshot

Email privacy

If you or any of your contributors use a GitHub-provided noreply email address to keep a personal email address private, that noreply address should be used when creating a GPG key. Make sure that git's config is also using that noreply address so that GitHub associates the GPG key correctly and validates it.

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