ESLint Disable Watcher

Comments on pull requests that try to disable eslint rules.
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January 30, 2019

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Simply install the app and the bot will keep 👀 on PRs that have eslint-disable comments.

How it works

When a PR is opened or updated, the ESLint Disable Watcher will scan through the diffs of JavaScript files and comment if the PR is adding any strings containing eslint-disable.


You don't need any configuration for this to work in your project but you can customize a few things to fit your needs. You can create a .github/eslint-disable-bot.yml file:

# Change this to set the number of comments the watcher should comment on a given PR.
commentLimit: 10
# The message the bot will post on any lines containing a eslint disable comment.
commentMessage: Please don't disable eslint rules :pray:

If you need more configuration, please let me know in a new issue.

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