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Comment on the issues that do not include some contents then close them.
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October 9, 2022

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What It Does

The app will check new opened and reopened issues if they include some specific contents. Issues not passed will be commented then closed.


  1. Create a .github/issue-close-app.yml file in your repo. Here's an example:
# Comment that will be sent if an issue is judged to be closed
comment: "This issue is closed because it does not meet our issue template. Please read it."
# There can be several configs for different kind of issues.
- content:
# Example 1: bug report
  - "Expected Behavior"
  - "Current Behavior"
  - "Steps to Reproduce"
  - "Detailed Description"
- content:
# Example 2: feature request
  - "Motivation / Use Case"
  - "Expected Behavior"
  - "Other Information"
# The issue is judged to be legal if it includes all keywords from any of these two configs.
# Or it will be closed by the app.

The config file is required to run this app. And there is no default config. If the app can not find a valid config file, it will ignore requests from the repo.
2. Install the close-issue-app.
3. Enjoy!

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