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Pastes the error output of a failing build into the relevant PR.
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September 23, 2020

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Simply install the app and watch the magic happen as your Pull Requests trigger failure statuses.

How it works

When a build fails, the CI provider will tell GitHub (via a status). GitHub then tells ci-reporter about a failed status, and it'll find the part of the build that failed, then comment back on the PR.


You don't need any configuration for this to work in your project but you can customize a few things to fit your needs. You can create a .github/ci-reporter.yml file:

# Set to false to create a new comment instead of updating the app's first one
updateComment: true

# Use a custom string, or set to false to disable
before: "✨ Good work on this PR so far! ✨ Unfortunately, the [ build]() is failing as of . Here's the output:"

# Use a custom string, or set to false to disable
after: "I'm sure you can fix it! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask a maintainer of the project!"

If you need more configuration, please let me know in a new issue.

Does it work with _____?

ci-reporter currently supports TravisCI and CircleCI. If you're interested in seeing support for another CI tool, please open an issue!

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