Comments on new issues and pull requests based on your configuration.
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September 26, 2019

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Using auto-comment is simple. Once you've installed it in your repository you will need to setup your ./github/auto-comment.yml file and auto-comment will do the rest.

Configuring for your project

There are a couple of configuration options that you will need to setup depending on what you want.

# Comment to a new issue.
issueOpened: >
  Thank your for raising a issue. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

  Please make sure you have given us as much context as possible.

pullRequestOpened: >
  Thank your for raising your pull request.

  Please make sure you have followed our contributing guidelines. We will review it as soon as possible

Available options

NameTypeDescriptionExample of Usage
issueOpenedstringThis will be the message when new issues are created.Auto comments on new issues are a great way to give feedback to users or a way of telling users to make sure they provide as much context as possible.
pullRequestOpenedstringThis will be the message when new pull requests are created.Thank people for creating pull requests, give them links to your contributing guideline.

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