Type Alias Manifest

Manifest: {
    callback_urls?: string[];
    default_events?: WebhookEvent[];
    default_permissions?: "read-all" | "write-all" | Record<ManifestPermissionScope, ManifestPermissionValue>;
    description?: string;
    hook_attributes?: {
        active?: boolean;
        url: string;
    name?: string;
    public?: boolean;
    redirect_url?: string;
    request_oauth_on_install?: boolean;
    setup_on_update?: boolean;
    setup_url?: string;
    url: string;

Type declaration

  • Optionalcallback_urls?: string[]

    A full URL to redirect to after someone authorizes an installation. You can provide up to 10 callback URLs.

  • Optionaldefault_events?: WebhookEvent[]

    The list of events the GitHub App subscribes to.

  • Optionaldefault_permissions?: "read-all" | "write-all" | Record<ManifestPermissionScope, ManifestPermissionValue>

    The set of permissions needed by the GitHub App. The format of the object uses the permission name for the key (for example, issues) and the access type for the value (for example, write).

  • Optionaldescription?: string

    A description of the GitHub App.

  • Optionalhook_attributes?: {
        active?: boolean;
        url: string;

    The configuration of the GitHub App's webhook.

    • Optionalactive?: boolean
    • url: string
  • Optionalname?: string

    The name of the GitHub App.

  • Optionalpublic?: boolean

    Set to true when your GitHub App is available to the public or false when it is only accessible to the owner of the app.

  • Optionalredirect_url?: string

    The full URL to redirect to after a user initiates the registration of a GitHub App from a manifest.

  • Optionalrequest_oauth_on_install?: boolean

    Set to true to request the user to authorize the GitHub App, after the GitHub App is installed.

  • Optionalsetup_on_update?: boolean

    Set to true to redirect users to the setup_url after they update your GitHub App installation.

  • Optionalsetup_url?: string

    A full URL to redirect users to after they install your GitHub App if additional setup is required.

  • url: string

    Required. The homepage of your GitHub App.